Bonus Episodes

B23 - OOF'D
Bonus - MMPR Reboot Movie-stravaganza
Morphinomentary #1 and Bonus Stuff
Bonus - The Ikea Directions to Ninjitsu
Bonus - Grapple Squadron Wrestleranger, Jr.
Bonus - Tangent Cast 1:
Zelda/MMPR Movie Woes
Bonus - Salute Your Rangers
Bonus - Tangent Cast 2:
Deal or No Deal/Pumpkin Spice Fatigue
The First Seasonal Morphie Awards
Bonus - Tangent Cast 3:
"Fun" "Facts" About Power Rangers
000 - Teenagers with Actual Attitude
Bonus - A 23 Minute Power Rangers E-Card
Bonus - A Gift From Gary
Bonus - One Year Anniversary Wrap-Up
Bonus - Emergency Broadcast: POWER BACKSLASH RANGER
Bonus - Season 2 Frankencast pt. 1
Bonus - Season 2 Frankencast pt. 2
Bonus - Where Them Toys At?
Bonus - Game Boys
Bonus - The Second Seasonal Morphie Awards
!!! - I Love You Ivan Ooze pt. 1:
Proper Foot Protection
!!!/2 - I Love You Ivan Ooze pt. 2:
Nails on a Chalkboard
Bonus - Zordons with Attitude
Bonus - Emails and Whatnots
Bonus - Season 3 Frankencast Pt. 1
Bonus - Season 3 Frankencast Pt. 2
Bonus - Season 3 Frankencast Pt. 3
Bonus - Power Rangers Tag
Bonus - Power Rangers Live Morphinomentary
Bonus - Power Ranger Pokemon Teams
Bonus - Special Announcement and Emails
Bonus/128 - Does Anyone Know What Figgy Pudding Is?
Bonus - It's Coming!
Bonus - The Third Seasonal Morphie Awards
The Morphin Grid 2 Year Anniversary Special
MMPR Issue #0 Comic Review
More Power #182 - I'm The King!
Emergency Broadcast - Power Rangers Movie Suit Lamentations
MMPR Comic Book Issue #1 Review
Bonus - Season 4 Frankencast
The 4th Seasonal Morphie Awards
Bonus - Bird Boiz From The Front Dimension (W/ Matt Jay)
MMPR Comic Book Issue #2 Review
Shift Into Turbo Pt. 1: Rip Some Velocity
Shift Into Turbo Pt. 2: The Muscles And The Power
Emergency Broadcast: Power Rangers Movie Trailer
Bonus - Season 5 Frankencast
3rd year Anniversary Presentation:
The Morphin Grid Unaired Pilot
The Fifth Seasonal Morphie Awards
Bonus - Turbp Racers
Bonus - A Shikaka Trick
Season 6 Frankencast
Power Rangers (2017) Movie Review
Power Rangers Movie (2017) Commentary!
Bonus - Power Rangers Theme Song Rankings
The 6th Seasonal Morphie Awards
Bonus - Emails and Q&A 2017
Bloody Boys Pt. 1:
He Wants to Play Killing People
Bloody Boys Pt. 2:
Have You Ever Been Haunted?
Bonus - Season Seven Frankencast
Bonus - Morphin Grid By the Numbers
(w/ Benny)
Bonus - Power Rangers Suit Rankings!
Bonus - Dream Battles and Q&A
Trouble in the Park 001:
It's Been Real But, I Gotta Go
Bonus - Bird Boiz II: Off the Top Rope
(w/ Matt Jay)
The Seventh Seasonal Morphie Awards
Bonus - A Little Fight on the Ninjas
Season 8 Frankencast Pt. 1
Season 8 Frankencast Pt. 2
Bonus - Lightspeed Rescue Q&A
Bonus - Power Rangers Megazord Rankings!
Bonus - The Ranger Rankings
Morphin Grid: By The Numbers - Lightspeed Rescue
(w/ Benny)
The Eighth Seasonal Morphie Awards
Bonus - The Games We Play are Pretty Wicked
5th Year Anniversary Q&A
MG404 - Not Found
Season 9 Frankencast Pt. 1
Season 9 Frankencast Pt. 2
Bonus - Timeforce Q&A
Bonus - The Morphin Grid 2019 Draft
Morphin Grid: By the Numbers - Time Force
(w/ Benny)
Bonus - Morpher Rankings
Bonus - The Morphin Grid Presents:
Power Rangers Food Fighters
Bonus - 2019 Episode Brainstorm
Bonus - Wanted Neither Dead or Alive
The Ninth Seasonal Morphie Awards
Bonus - Wild Force Q&A
Bonus - Season 10 Frankencast
Bonus - Power Rangers Toys That Made Us Discussion
Morphin Grid: By the Numbers - Wild Force
(w/ Benny)
Bonus - Forever Rangers
Bonus - Hex Boys
Bonus - Mook Rankings
Bonus - You've Been Hazed
The Tenth Seasonal Morphie Awards